About us

Hi, I am Dr. Steve Sudell, and I created the Neck Hammock out of necessity. As a physical therapist, one of the most frustrating injuries that I see on a daily basis is neck  pain. Strengthening and stretching exercises are okay, but I find that cervical traction almost always provides the most relief. However, most at-home traction products are either too expensive and too bulky to carry around, or that are cheaply made and ineffective. I wanted to create a product that made sense financially, is easy to travel with, and has a comfortable fit, and most of all: makes your neck feel incredible!


How cancer lead to the creation of the Neck Hammock

Two years ago, we got the call that my younger sister Kelly's leukemia had returned, and it was time for her to undergo a bone marrow transplant along with several pain staking months of aggressive chemotherapy. It was during that time, watching her go through so much pain on the hospital bed, that I realized life is too short to sit on a good idea. Especially when I know, that good idea can help thousands of people suffering from neck pain and tension headaches. Kelly inspired me then, and continues to inspire me know. I feel incredibly grateful that she is not only still with us, but is truly making the most out of everyday. Life is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one shot, so make the most of it everyday.