How to Use the Neck Hammock

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Installing and adjusting the Neck Hammock


How To Use A Neck Traction Device At Home

The Neck Hammock should rest 2-4 inches off the ground when hanging. The higher off the ground, the greater the stretch/tensions. For example, an average adult male will probably want the Neck Hammock to be 3-4 inches off the ground. Use the adjustable strap to quickly and easily change the height as needed. 

Listen to your body, if it "feels" like too much of a stretch then lower the Neck Hammock and take some tension off. It is important to keep in mind that every day is different and some days you may need more or less tension than others. This should feel good. You can use our cervical traction device every day to alleviate your neck pain. Through the process of stretching and relaxing your neck muscles, this device is able to lengthen problem areas and increase mobility in tight muscles. After regular use, you will be able to feel a noticeable difference on a daily basis.    

You don’t have to spend a fortune on physical therapists for pain relief. The days of suffering from chronic neck pain are over. Discover instant pain relief with our cervical traction device today.



Still using the original Neck Hammock?

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