What is Traction and Why do you Need More of it in Your Life?

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Traction and its Necessity in Our Lives:

Neck related complications are considered to be the root cause behind numerous ongoing symptoms such as shoulder pain, upper backache, headache, and more. This is why it is important not to ignore any of these symptoms and treat them at the earliest stages.  Depending on the condition, this may be a one-time consultation and treatment, use of self help techniques, ongoing pain management, or even surgery in the worst case. Undergoing ongoing treatment from a therapist is effective without any doubt, but can be expensive and extremely time consuming. Moreover, often times, these treatments require individuals to make serious adjustments to their life. At Neck Hammock, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with lengthy and expensive treatments on top of physical pain. 

We also believe that it is extremely important to reduce people’s overdependence on medication. Neck Hammock is the result of our extensive studies to explore a neck pain remedy that is affordable, pill-free, and easy to use. It utilizes an age old technique called ‘traction’ to stretch the spine’s cervical region.

Traction Explained:

Also referred to as cervical traction, this is a common therapy proven over the years to offer numerous benefits for those suffering from severe upper back pain, neck pain, or tension headaches. The process involves utilizing tension to pull the neck and head gently. This results in stretching of the ligaments and muscles around the spine’s vertebrae, expanding the space. The primary objectives of traction are to open the facet joints, relax the muscles, and relieve pressure on nerves that are pinched.

Who Can Use Traction?

Traction is extraordinarily effective in minimizing and even alleviating neck pain and has an excellent reputation in the pain management fraternity across the world.  Cervical spine traction is used by the therapists to treat neck pain caused by many different factors. During traction, the vertebrae of the spine are stretched apart, providing relief from neck muscle spasm and compression. Pain resulting from worn spinal discs can also be relieved successfully by traction.

Pain Types Traction Can Treat:

Please remember that many different factors may be responsible for your upper back or neck pain. Always be sure to determine the exact cause before deciding on your treatment alternative. Traction may benefit, in case you experience pain in the region of the shoulder blade or the side/middle portion of your neck. Neck problem is often felt as numbness, pain, or a tingling sensation of the hand or arm caused by excessive pressure in the neck’s nerve roots.

Traction is also an effective way to minimize the force of compression in the neck. This not only eases the pressure caused by the discs, but also relieves the pressure exerted by all compressed nerves by opening-up additional spaces in the areas around the vertebrae.  Traction is also used extensively to provide relief from pain in joint structures and muscles that are caused by tension, neck arthritis, neck strains, cervical muscle spasms, poor posture, cycling and other leisure activities, and bulging discs in the neck.

How Many Types of Traction are there? 

There are two major types of tractions known as manual and mechanical traction.

Performed by a therapist or a doctor, manual traction requires the patient to lie down on a table and the therapist pulls the neck and head physically by using their hands. Based on the nature and extent of discomfort, the therapist may also turn the head from side to side. In this technique, the pain is alleviated by the force of the rhythmic pull.

On the other hand, mechanical traction involves the use of mechanical means such as Neck Hammock to create the tension. The mechanical arrangement relieves shoulder, upper back, or neck pain by gently pulling and stretching the neck with adequate tension. Depending on the response by the patient, mechanical traction can be used intermittently on an ongoing basis even for years.

Can Cervical Traction be performed at Home?      

Certainly! With the help of Neck Hammock, it is quite easy to perform traction at home without any intervention by any therapist or doctor. The most remarkable benefit of Neck Hammock is that you can use it almost anywhere without any hassle. Such problems often come at an awkward time without any warning and the situation can aggravate seriously while waiting for a therapist. Under these circumstances, Neck Hammock allows you the freedom to start the treatment immediately because it can be carried easily to most of the places.

Before deciding upon the course of treatment for your head, back, or neck pain, the same must be diagnosed thoroughly by an experienced professional. The effectiveness of traction is undeniable when it comes to relieving musculoskeletal pain. However, only a professional can figure out whether there are any existing issues that require further treatment in addition to traction.